Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 On Tuesday

I typed this up yesterday, but forgot to publish it!

 So finally I'm back on track with blogging! I've missed two 10 on Tuesdays already! Also, I'm 11 weeks into my pregnancy as of yesterday. The pregnancy update will hopefully be the next post that you see on this blog. So anyway... I think I should start with my 10 on Tuesday.

Oh! And don't let me forget. Brent joked and told me to do my ten on Tuesday every 2 weeks and name it 30 on Thursday!

{One} We got our baby's first picture a few weeks ago! I think that "it" is going to be boy! However, Brent, is positive that we're having a boy!

{Two} My favorite blogs are on the rise! Many people have started new blogs and I love them all! If you don't have a blog and love mine, please start one and email me with the blog name and URL. I promise to follow it!

{Three} I power blogger! Sponsor blogger with a badge!
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{Four} I got an iPhone 5 and love it! I mean check out the difference between my 4S and my 5!

{Five} I'm digging this color!

{Six} May I say that school this year is rockin' it!

I can only think of six things this week! Sorry for disappointing you!

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