Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 On Tuesday

Yay! It's Tuesday. I'm so excited to start my weekly updates called "10 On Tuesday". 10 on Tuesday is basically me telling you all ten things I was interested in or learned from the past week. Above is my copyrighted image that I made called "The 10 On Tuesday Button". If you would like a "10 On Tuesday Button" for your blog, all you need to do is email me at saramarietoscana@gmail.com. Now for my 10 things...

{One} I just recently resized that Halloween is coming up anytime now and I want to dress up for it. However, I am very uncertain if there are any maternity Halloween costumes for low prices. I'll be 18 weeks and 3 days prego exact, so I know I'll need maybe a larger size of clothes. I bet that I'll be making one myself and painting my baby bump to look like something. Here are my ideas:

or this

{Two} People get their pictures stolen from blogs. If you haven't noticed I have made it more difficult for people to take my photos. I have right click disabled on this blog. If you want to get right click disabled on your blog, go to the "Blogging Tips" page and click on "Disable Right Click". Or just click here.

{Three} My hubby keeps talking about "Pregnancy Sex". Any other mama's out there who have had pregnancy sex before? I'm not sure if I want to do pregnancy sex, because I don't know I'll feel with the morning sickness included. Any advice?

{Four} I'm in need of new kitchen appliances! I love stainless steel, but I'm not sure is it counts as "Baby Proof". It's easy to get finger prints on them and I'm not 100% sure if I'll be willing to clean all of my appliances ever day. Brent is totally up for it. I guess we'll go with stainless steel!

{Five} I need two baby gates for my staircase. When did all of you mamas get your baby gates for the stairs? I think we'll be waiting until 30 weeks.

{Six} I have a few ideas for the baby's nursery. I'm thinking of a turquoise theme for a girl and a star wars theme for a boy.

{Seven} I need a new water bottle! Preferably a camelbak.

{Eight} I'm looking into cord blood banking for our baby. Any suggestions for where to bank it?

{Nine} I'm already looking at cribs for our baby! Here are my favorites. All from Babies R Us.

{Ten} My blog is copyrighted. I just keep thinking that people don't know this yet. I posted a message at the top of the blog sidebar. It says that I will take legal action if my photos are stolen. If you see my photos on another blog, email me immediately at saramarietoscana@gmail.com.

That concludes my first "Ten On Tuesday"! I did it. It was hard to think of ten things, but I did. Stay tuned for next weeks.

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  1. Hello, Sara. I just recently found your blog and I'm in LOVE with it. My hubby and I had pregnancy sex for the first time 6 nights ago. You'll be okay! It's F.U.N.