Friday, August 16, 2013

No Joke This Time

Okay, so as my family and friends know I've lost my baby 3 times aka miscarried. It was sad and upsetting. But we didn't let our lives tumble over us because we knew that life would move on and that everything would be "okay".  Now we've got some more news for you all!


We let life move on and now another baby is swimming around in my uterus. Now remember that this is our first baby, but the other three only made it to about 11 weeks. I'm due on March 31, 2014 so that makes me 7 weeks a 4 days pregnant.

I made this ticker so I'd always know the size of my bundle of joy. As you can see below, baby is now the size of a blueberry! If you see it as something else, that means your at an old post. but feel free to read through this!

Also, I plan on putting my blog's name in middle of my pictures and/or have right click disabled so people won't steal my pics. Overall pretend to be me! This has happened to people before. View it here. It's #5.

Enjoy my blog!

~ Sara ~

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